"When life hands you lemons add beauty, cocktails, and girltalk." -Nicola

We are redefining life's essentials to inspire a productive lifestyle.
It is our mission to provide our readers with visual beauty and compelling content. Planting the ultimate goal of enlightenment in every message we deliver. 


When we hear the word 'beauty' your first thought may be outer physical this is because it is the first thing your human eye sees. However, each person has an inner soul which can reflect light due to their actions. This illumination allows us to see them for who they are and admire, respect and appreciate them. We have chosen to acknowledge this aspect of our features, first in our introduction then following up with their outer beauty by sharing their favorite items. 



The Cocktails Segment is thoroughly thought out choosing to redefine it as a celebration of life, success, accomplishments, family and friendship. When our Co-Founder started the journey of creating BCGMAGAZINE, the cocktails section included alcohol. 

"With spiritual growth comes the change of thought and mind." -Nicola

Nicola decided to give up alcohol also known as 'spirits' realizing that it affects her genuine character 'energy' in a negative way. Beside this transition, our cocktails will include delicious non-alcoholic beverages, and recipes shared by us or our features.

*This photo is watermarked & available for download on our shop called #GOAHEADGIRL 'Inspire your Journey.' Click here.



When we say girltalk it does not mean that it only includes topics that can be discussed with women or only about women. It is an actual time when we get together and share. For the world to have developed in such a way where people can communicate almost anywhere each had to become knowledgeable and then share that knowledge. Humans are capable of endless enlightening since there is so much to experience and learn. Girltalk allows us to awaken others with resources, and discussions on inspirational topics and interviews that motivates our daily lifestyle. Some of our interview questions are repetitive to share different perspectives on how individuals think and perceive life through their eyes. Rereading or hearing words with a distinctive conclusion can stimulate the mind for better.  It empowers our readers to find a person they can relate to as well as give a constant reminder that we are all people, we all face challenges, and there are alternate ways of handling situations.  Our goal is to relay conversations and articles that go beyond the realm of secular values. 

*This photo is watermarked & available for download on our shop called #GOAHEADGIRL 'Inspire your Journey.' Click here.


our philosophy

We have adopted 'Kaizen,' A business philosophy which is a system based on making positive changes on a regular basis as to improve productivity. While other digital magazines reveal at completion, we apply 'Kaizen' by leaving our digital publication open to read as we fill it with pages. With this method, we can have a sense of relaxation, reduce stress, and improve the quality of our work environment and the articles that publish on a daily basis. Replicating the blogging concept in a digital format allows our readers to enjoy customized articles which we display in the most compelling way.  

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler





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volume 2

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