In our Beauty Clutch: Peach & Lily Launches a New Skincare Brand

Korean beauty destination, Peach & Lily, launches its own skincare brand—Peach & Lily—with a collection of three "must have" sheet masks. Founder, Alicia Yoon launched online retail site in 2012 to bring premium Korean beauty products to U.S. consumers. Alicia has also been tapped to curate special Korean beauty collections for many U.S. retailers, including Macy's, Sephora, QVC, Anthropologie, and Target.

The Peach & Lily Sheet Mask Collection includes three targeted masks that address top skin concerns as voiced by Yoon's customers.

"We listen very closely to what our customers want and are very engaged with their needs. The launch of our own Peach & Lily brand sheet masks is in response to our skin-savvy customers' wish list – gentle, yet potent formulations, packed with super skin-friendly ingredients designed to deliver glowing results.  These are the ultimate dream sheet masks and we can't wait to share them," said Yoon.

The Peach & Lily Sheet Masks are created with a silky cellulose material derived from cottonseed fibers so they are comfortable, breathable, lightweight and thin.  The material provides each mask with a high absorption level so it can hold and deliver active ingredients effectively. The masks are formulated without many of the irritating ingredients typically found in beauty products, such as synthetic fragrances and dye, alcohol, parabens, sulfates. The masks are sold individually for $6 or as a set of 3 for $15. 

Peach & Lily's inaugural product introduction bows this week at 50 Macy's stores nationwide and on, as well as on Yoon and Macy's first partnered last year to open Peach & Lily shop-in-shops at 2 Macy's locations, one in Flushing, New York and one in Arcadia, CA .

“We are pleased to announce that Macy’s will carry the Sheet Mask Collection from Peach & Lily at 50 locations as well as,” said Richard Zappala, Omni Buyer, Impulse Skincare for Macy’s. “These masks will be a great addition to our assortment while bringing our customers the best in Korean skincare innovation.”


  • GOOD SKIN DAY: drench + nourish Delivers hydration deep within the skin, vital minerals, and vitamins, a blast of antioxidants and skin brightening ingredients for a radiant glow and the ultimate good skin day. Suggested Retail:  $6.00
  • RESET BUTTON: soothe + restore This mask calms irritated, angry skin so you can start afresh. Potent ingredients combat inflammation to gently and effectively calm skin while strengthening its natural barrier, resulting in calmer skin with a more even tone and a glow from within.  Suggested Retail:  $6.00
  • CHUBBY CHEEKS: lift + plum Combat gravity with shots of skin-firming power ingredients! This mask contains collagen-boosting ingredients and a powerful dose of nourishment to help firm, plump, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.  Suggested Retail:  $6.00
  • SHEET MASK SET:  A collection featuring all three masks Suggested Retail:  $15.00

Photo courtesy of Peach & Lily