Are you a Conspiracy lover? The 'Wikipedia of Conspiracies' Launches:™

A new website information portal dedicated to all things conspiracy-related was launched today. The website is The publisher, Michael Crosson, described it like this:

“There are literally thousands and thousands of individual conspiracy theories on the web, but until now none has brought them all together under one umbrella. We have launched this website to solve that vacuum. Now, hundreds of thousands of conspiracy theorists and their followers can find any and every conspiracy that exists, from traditional conspiracies about John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to more current topics like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Zika virus, etc.”
According to Crosson,
"I am not personally a conspiracy theorist and the site does not endorse any particular theory or point of view. It is really more of a public service to bring awareness of how many different conspiracy theories there are, from the most well researched and documented to the wildest crackpot beliefs. The objective is to open people's minds to the vast landscape of possibilities around them. As they say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

The site allows viewers to leave comments, suggest new and additional conspiracies and to share their findings with others through social media.

About – Founded this year by Michael P. Crosson, a well-known Internet entrepreneur, is a privately funded project. Mr. Crosson is a successful publisher who also runs the largest social media marketing group in the world, with over 1.6 million members. He also publishes His past experience includes the launch of's and Rolls-Royce's first websites, as well as executive positions with, Vivendi-Universal and others.