Beauty comes in all shapes- Claim your confidence!

In the midst of the outrage from snapchat users regarding a post made from super model Dani Mathers, intimates, shape wear, sleepwear, and apparel designer, Rhonda Shear talks about today's women struggles with body image every day and so many things she sees online which influence her to question the way she looks.

The disgusting comment Playboy model, Dani Mathers recently posted on her Snapchat is just one such instance and like so many others I am utterly outraged by it.
— Rhonda

Dani invaded this woman's privacy and sent a message to every woman who follows her that something was wrong with this fellow woman's shape. Whether it was meant as a private message to a friend or not, putting this type of negative idea out into the world creates more self-doubt in women struggling with their own body image, and makes mocking anyone with a non-professional-model-body seem acceptable. It is NOT!

Any woman showing such disrespect toward another woman is saddening, but it is especially disappointing when they represent a magazine which claims to celebrate the beauty of women. I should know because 30 years ago I was a Playboy model and "it girl" in Hollywood too. These days I'm a curvy gal, over 60, sweating my… face… off at Barre Class twice a week because it's fun and makes me feel good.

That unwarranted picture could have been of me, or you, or your sister, or your mother... Ladies, I challenge you to embrace your bodies as they are, celebrate your strength, and empower each other more every day. The next time we hear negative things about a person's appearance, let's say something, do something, and choose to be positive. So many young models are tempted to be catty and rude in an industry where they constantly are, as Dani was in this instance, but so many others are sweet and kind. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and at all ages, so no matter who you are be proud of your reflection, you've earned it!

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