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Images courtesy of Thousand Helmets

For years, Gloria Hwang eschewed bike helmets as an ugly nuisance, despite their lifesaving potential. A bike enthusiast herself, she rode around the streets of Los Angeles without a bike helmet, and did so for years without incident. However, after the loss of a friend, Hwang realized she'd needed to change, and wanted to give others an option to do the same.

Understanding that many people resist wearing helmets because they're inconvenient, "enemies" to fashion, she began Thousand, in her garage less than two years ago. Her goal was to elevate the lowly bicycle helmet to a desirable "must-have." The Thousand helmet is a stylish "retro" design hearkening back to vintage scooter helmets from the 1960s.

It is Hwang's hope that riders will not only want to wear a Thousand helmet, but also be excited to do so.

“We like to call our customers urban explorers; they want a helmet that matches their lifestyle.”
— Hwang

Even better, Thousand has solved the age old question of what to do with your helmet after you arrive at your destination. Thousand's secret PopLock allows riders to lock their helmets to their bicycle, and even offers their customers a Helmet Thief Guarantee.

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Images courtesy of Thousand Helmets

Images courtesy of Thousand Helmets