Finally teens can learn makeup fundamentals from some of the best-over at Sephora.

Many teens are learning about beauty only online through self-taught bloggers or vloggers. It would be great if they could also learn the fundamentals from actual beauty experts working with reputable beauty companies, such as Sephora. Well, here's the good news, Sephora launched their Teen Makeup Classes recently. Therefore, if you have a teen or know of one that loves the beauty industry this is the perfect article for them.  Do share! 

Sephora, the destination to learn, be inspired and play with beauty, introduces their Teen Makeup Class, a brand new beauty class developed to teach teens new to skincare and beauty regimes how to reach their #beautygoals. Regardless of whether they want to learn an everyday look or they're looking for the first steps before expanding their makeup knowledge, this new class will empower teens to accentuate their own natural beauty.

Free for Beauty Insiders, Sephora's new Teen Makeup class is one of 12 essential classes covering the most in-demand beauty looks, like Contour & Highlight, Brow Shaping, or Essential Eyeliner. But this isn't your usual classroom! Sephora Classes are engaging and interactive, and even more fun when you bring a friend. A safe place to learn and play, it's where you can get creative and try something new.

In the 90 minute Teen Makeup Class, Sephora's coaches focus on fun, helping to find the right products for you in a no-stress setting.

  • They start with a deep dive into the fundamentals of good skincare, beginning with Skincare IQ to determine the best products for your skin type.
  • Sephora's coaches emphasize that the better your skin is prepped and cared for, the less makeup you will need to wear!
  • Next they teach how to prep and perfect the complexion with sheer formulas, like BB and CC creams, matched to the customized Color IQ shade.
  • Finally, Sephora experts educate on how to softly define lips, cheeks and eyes with light touches of flattering color.
"Our coaches concentrate on the basics so everyone leaves feeling educated and supplied with the skill set to recreate the look at home. "

Visit to discover all of Sephora's Beauty Classes, and book directly online at the store near you.

Header photo by Alysa Bajenaru