We're loving the idea of Prom Dinner parties!

It takes a team of stylish people to make beautiful photos come to life and we just want to celebrate them.
— BCGMag Editors

From the photographer: Prom with close friends for a small dinner party was the inspiration for this night. MaryElla had an idea that instead of racing all over town getting hair and makeup then rushing to meet up for pictures then again racing to a reservation for dinner she wanted to enjoy the entire day with her friends.

First, the location was picked then hair and makeup team scheduled to come out and last a food truck that could cater a plated elegant locally sourced dinner for the group. It turned into a mini wedding but totally worth it. The day was fun and everyone has a night they will never forget.

As the daughter of a wedding photographer, MaryElla understands the importance of being comfortable on a special day so you can enjoy little moments and make memories. It so easy to get caught up in the detail and miss the importance of planning some down time so you just enjoy the company of friends.