What's your favorite Beauty Product? Influenster Reviewers’ Choice Awards is back..

This year, Influenster—the leading product discovery and
reviews site—brings back the Reviewers’ Choice Awards: Best in Beauty by popular demand.
Last year, more than 150,000 votes were locked in by more than 50,000 members.
These awards recognize the top beauty brands and products in 99 categories and are a testament to the robust collection of high-quality product reviews and ratings on

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Influenster.com—a growing community of over 2 million members who have written over 10 million reviews on more than 1.7 million products.
During this one-of-a-kind beauty awards program, finalists are nominated based on reviews and user-generated content by the Influenster community. Members then vote for these finalists on an online-only voting platform to determine the winners in each category. These finalists are selected across 99 drugstore and luxury categories in makeup, skincare, hair, and spa. Winning beauty products are determined by the people, for the people. Influenster members and the general public are invited to vote for the winners in each category.

Voting continues until 11.59PM EST on October 21. Winners will be revealed later this year.

Cast your votes here: www.influenster.com/awards



Here are all categories:


1. Best Eyeshadow Palette

2. Best Mascara

3. Best Waterproof Mascara

4. Best Liquid Eyeliner

5. Best Pencil Eyeliner

6. Best Concealer

7. Best Bronzer

8. Best Highlighter

9. Best Primer

10. Best Matte Lipstick

11. Best Liquid Lipstick

12. Best Red Lipstick

13. Best Lip Gloss

14. Best Foundation Brush

15. Best Powder Foundation

16. Best Liquid Foundation

17. Best Matte Foundation

18. Best Foundation For Oily Skin

19. Best Foundation Stick

20. Best Setting Powder

21. Best Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream

22. Best Color Corrector

23. Best Brow/Gel/Powder Product

24. Best Brow Pencil

25. Best Contouring Kit

26. Best Blush

27. Best False Lashes

28. Best Makeup Collaboration




29. Best Setting Spray

30. Best Facial Moisturizer

31. Best Facial Cleanser

32. Best Acne Treatment

33. Best Makeup Remover

34. Best Skin Serum

35. Best Essence/Toner

36. Best Eye Cream

37. Best Anti-Aging Product

38. Best Facial Mask

39. Best Body Wash

40. Best Body Moisturizer

41. Best Facial Sunscreen

42. Best Sunscreen For The Body

43. Best Cellulite Treatment




44. Best Dry Shampoo

45. Best Shampoo

46. Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo

47. Best Conditioner

48. Best Hair Treatment/Mask

49. Best At-Home Hair Color

50. Best Frizz Fighter

51. Best Volumizing Product

52. Best Hairbrush

53. Best Blowout Brush

54. Best Hair Dryer

55. Best Straighteners

56. Best Curling Irons


57. Best Fragrance For Her

58. Best Fragrance For Him

59. Best At-Home Hair Removal Product

60. Best Nail Polish Brand

61. Best Gel-Formula Nail Polish

62. Best Top Coat

63. Best Nail Polish Remover

64. Cult Beauty Product Of 2016

65. Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2016